Petition to Department of Homeless Services Against BRC Homeless Shelter at 127 West 25 Street

We are signing this petition to protest the opening of a homeless shelter at 127 West 25th Street by the Bowery Residents Committee (BRC).

The neighborhood north of West 23rd Street, and West of 5th Avenue is a transitional neighborhood with a mix of light industry, small businesses and residences. Only in the last ten years has this area been able to build a budding residential mix-use neighborhood. This neighborhood has blocks of housing projects and numerous nightclubs which already strain the resources of our local police precinct.

By signing below we ask the Community Board 4, City Council Member and President Christine Quinn, State Senator Tom Duane, and Assembly Member Richard Gottfried to take immediate steps to stop NYC Department of Homeless Services from granting a permit to BRC for a homeless shelter on West 25th Street.

This petition will be combined with petitions which are posted in residences and businesses at and around 127 West 25th St.



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