Keep George Bush Out of Canada

We, the undersigned, are very upset and of the opinion that our Prime Minister is making a huge political and (more importantly) moral mistake by deciding to invite George Bush to our country. As the recent survey conducted by the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Insititue and the Dominion Institute show clearly - fully 78 percent of Canadians believe that America\'s foreign policy is indicative of the behaviour of a \"rogue nation\". Inviting Bush to Canada is tantamount to a slap in the face to the people of our country - a nation that has a proud history of being peacemakers in a world filled with so much war and strife. We are among the majority of Canadians who cannot accept the policies of the present administration of the U.S. as we firmly believe the bottom line to be that this American administration, apart from being bent on war, the curbing of human rights, the continued destruction of the environment and the militarization of space, is in fact a real threat to the sovereignty of our country and all we stand for as a peaceful, nuclear free nation. In signing this petition, we request that Prime Minister Paul Martin indefinitely postpone the invitation to George Bush out of respect of the wishes of the majority of people in Canada.


This petition has been initiated by concerned citizens of Canada.


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    Frank, Canada

    4 years ago Country: -
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    Bernard Tanner Jr, United States

    8 years ago Country: US
    Comments: The only reason George W Bush should be allowed on Canadian soil is if he is to be arrested and tried for international war crimes. I am so disheartened by what my country has now become that I myself am seriously considering leaving the USA for good; maybe for Canada.
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    Kevin Korol, Canada

    10 years ago Comments: Keep this killer/criminal out of our country or arrest him. They've been bombing Iraq since the Gulf war and are resposible for way to many tragedies around the world for too long. A criminal is a criminal. We would arrest a poor person who has commited war crimes. He's no different. Let's have some guts. We'll have to stand up to them sooner or later. Lets get it over with. Soon they'll be coming for our water (as they are already pressuring us about it). Insted of joining the U.S., let's join the world.....
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