Keep Mr. baynard at Suitland

We love mr Baynard and it would be a huge loss if he would leave, the administrators dont know what they have in him, Also music is our lives and without mr Baynrd there to have us and teach us who else would there be


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    sterling breeden, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Me and two other suitland Marching band Alumni NOw host a radio show on We are going to be talking about this whole situation. So to all band members and suitland students or people who feel affected in anyway feel free to call and express your feelings. The number is (347) 994-3758. Thanks. -Mr. Keys
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    Shareka Bannerman, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Bay bay omg wer do i start, we go back 2 06/07 homecoming day parade. I met u for da first time wen erica was drum major my freshmen year.Den u took ova from der.Dey cant take u or the band away from us.The best we eva had.We still have so much more 2 do on dis journey.We have a special bond with u that cant b replaced.You r like a uncle 2 me lol i just hope Fossett have a heart and not take our passion away from us.Music is our passion,sum of us life.Yet i still have vpa to play my music,but we all kno i hate vpa and dat marching band is wer its at.For sum ppl marching band was all dey had 2 kinda keep on track sum of us actually play music 2 forget our pain or just 2 play it wen we r really happy and baynard taught us that told us 2 do it whenever we had 2.We always pull it 2getha 4 BAY BAY wen it comes 2 performing and show him our best.We cant b Showstoppin Marching Rams without him we r also a family we been through so much 2getha and still have more 2 come.Baynard if u do come back which i believe u will we r goin"Party" lol (insyda oxon hill competition) lol-luv u Bay Bay Shareka Senior 2010 i need for my last year
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    Dejan Williams, United States

    6 years ago Comments: As an alumni of suitland high school marching band im am not pleased with what has happened with the cancellation of marching band at suitland. For some people marching band was all they had and the only thing that they could look forward to. The band kept some people out of trouble and worrying about there future. The band taught people not only how to play music but how to make a career out of it. Mr. Baynard has played a big role in students lives while being the marching band director. He has never quit on us. If there is no marching band then some kids will lose hope. For some students marching band is there life and the only organization that they feel apart of at Suitland High School. Please take what i have said into consideration when you make your decision. Dejan "music man" Williams c/o "09"
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