Keep "Utah Man" fight song lyrics unchanged

We, the students, faculty, alumni, administration, community and friends of the University of Utah, hereby call on President Pershing and the ASUU to refrain from altering the University of Utah fight song, "Utah Man".

In doing so, we unequivocally affirm our support for all genders, races, ethnicities, and peaceful systems of belief. Consistent with Oxford Dictionary definition of "Man" #2: "A human being of either sex; a person", we believe each supporter of the University of Utah can consider themselves a "Utah Man" - similar to the whole of mankind being covered under "men" in such documents as the Declaration of Independence. We encourage all to sing this school song in a spirit of unity and pride in support of our great University.

On issues of "inclusion" we also admonish student government to avoid exclusivity in their decision-making and to cast the widest net of student voices. Simply put: put these issues to a student body vote. We also encourage an open dialogue with alumni and the broader University community.

Finally, we believe that anyone voting on potential changes to the U. fight song should be required to prove that they actually know the lyrics by heart and have sung it in at least one U. sporting event.

Please show your support and Go Utes!

Ki Yi!


  • Shani Jackson I am a fourth generation WOMAN at the University of Utah. My grandmother, at the age of 82, still proudly sings this song. I just don't believe that there was ever any intent to exclude women from this song. I also don't believe that there is any proof that when the lyrics were first written it was meant to refer to males only.

  • Travis Vallejo as a die hard 'Ute Fan Faithful' fanatic I really don't see why people are getting all worked up over this #UtahManAmI ordeal? It will play out in favor of not changing any lyrics and even if they did attempt to change them I guarantee that 99.9% of Ute fans will refuse it and NOT sing it any different at games/events.

    Relax 'U' cannot change a 100+ year old tradition #YeahItllBeOkay


  • Kristobal Batty Reyes When the lyrics were first written the pronoun was not written to refer to women and definitely was not written to include non-gender conforming individuals, but as a synonym for male. I don't understand why people could fight so adamantly under the guise of tradition. Why is it so difficult to recognize the negative experiences of others? As a university are we so apathetic that we would not even consider for a moment the sentiment and narratives of our peers?

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    Randolph Lee

    4 months ago Comments: What a cave in to mindless false offense. Simply tells me that students have it way too easy to take this on as what apparently seems to them a worthy cause. What wasted energy, and what disrespect for tradition!
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    Dan Peters, United States

    6 months ago Comments: -
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    Jack Heilpern, United States

    6 months ago Comments: The proposed change is unbelievably stupid. I'm saddened that the U has sunk to self parody.
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