Keep San Onofre Shut Down

Your signature on this Petition (and vote on the poll below) will send a message,loud and clear to the U.S. NRC and our elected representatives to NOT allow a reckless restart of the defective San Onofre nuclear reactor.

Edison proposes to restart a defective nuclear reactor as early as June 1st.
Without fixing the problem first, SC Edison admits that the reactor could not run safely for more than 11 months at 100%; but says it can run at 70% power for 5 months. If this proposed experiment fails, we won't know until radiation releases from containment out into the environment again. This time, a cascading event with thousands of already weakened tubes could rupture.There is no way to anticipate a rupture when it is under power, and if that happens,it will be too late. Southern California could become a vast wasteland.
Edison's propositionis completely unacceptable!

“There is a growing consensus from cities in the Southland that Edison’srestart plan amounts to a dangerous experiment that gambles with the safety
of millions of Southern Californians,” said S. David Freeman, former head ofthe Los Angeles
Department of Water and Power".

There have been no blackouts for the 15 months since it was shut down for leaking radiation.Grid operators say we will have surplus energy without San Onofre on line.

We simply don't need it.

Yet Edison expects us to risk our beautiful and diverse ecosystem,the value of our homes and businessesand ourhealth and well being -

allfor Edison's profit.

We strongly oppose such an irresponsible action and will stand together to prevent a terrible nuclear disaster in California.

Vote YES on this POLL to
Keep San Onofre Shut Down
(Friends of the Earth just notified us that Edison has put this poll out to their entire Nuclear Advocacy Network and we are getting hammered!)

CLICK HEREto see this important 4 minute video with experts explaining why a restart is so risky.

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San Clemente Green

Links has a wealth of information provided by an independent nuclear expert. Friends of the Earth is protecting the planet in a number of ways - especially from nuclear power. has up-to-date local information with carefully referenced data.


  • Sean I worked at San Onofre in the 90's. Safety was a joke. Although there were highly qualified and caring people that worked there, there were also individuals that had obviously risen to the peak of their incompetence. Edison and SDGE managed the site entirely around profits, and safety was only important when it would directly and demonstrably affect the bottom line through bad press or fines from the NRC. My experience at SONGS converted me from believing in nuclear energy to being steadfastly against it, especially as we were privy to events that took place at other facilities that rarely hit the press. Bottom line, this facility is unnecessary and unsafe, and letting Edison tinker with a dangerous and unstable system at the risk of endangering the lives of millions of Southern California residents is reckless.

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