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Whereas Rabbi E. Feldman has only been leading the Hamilton Hebrew Academy and Hamilton Jewish Middle School since September 2011, And whereas in that short time the general improvement to the standard of education, the confidence in the standards of the school, teachers, decorum and general institutional processes has been significant, And whereas the causes and reasons for not renewing his contract are generally unknown and do not appear to outweigh the reasons and causes for renewing his contract, And whereas any issues that would lead to his contract not being renewed as well as the decision to not renew his contract do not appear to have been vetted, reviewed or confirmed by any such committee that would normally exist in any and all school systems meeting the accepted standard of modern institutions, We the undersigned sign this petition to support renewing his contract.


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    2 years ago Comments: K1ZXQN Thanks for the post.Really thank you! Really Great.
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    Andrea Levy, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: I would just like to say that I was not the author of this petition, even if I was the first to sign it. I am pleased to see that there has been progress on the idea of an educational committee. I am extremely concerned about the destabilization of the school (or any school) that occurs when a principal is let go for anything less than criminal charges. It is my opinion that the lack of stability that is going to be caused by this turn of events is far greater than any detraction that Rabbi Feldman's performance would have provided. I also know that there are many people who have not signed this petition who are very upset by the turn of events here. The reasons they have no signed vary from not knowing who authored this, to not being stakeholders for whatever reason. All in all, I signed this, not so much because I thought any decision could be changed with regard to Rabbi Feldman was likely, but because I feel that as a stakeholder in a community I want to see grow and succeed, I want to see transparency (to the extent that confidentiality permits) and best practices implemented. No one will want to move to Hamilton with a school that looks shaky and unprofessional. It cannot be argued that Rabbi Feldman was not able to act full on in changing how the school operated in his first year with us (for various reasons) and that this year, changes, positive changes were afoot. Next year, whoever comes in will need a year to get a lay of the land and decide how they want to proceed. The rest of this year is pretty much the only chance for any stabilization before September 2014, now. As I said, I am happy to see that a committee is being formed, but I want to see that this is not just lip service and that the committee is both real and ongoing, and not just symbolic. It is not my expectation that the board should run the school, but that it should be comprised of folks who do know what best practices are and will hold management accountable for the decisions that are made so that they are not in a vaccum. Non Profit entities need this transparency to function optimally. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Rabbi Green, and my signature here should not be interpreted as anything but my sincere desire to see what is best for the school and by extension the community, happen.
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    David Hara, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: -
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