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The Time: The Last Saturday Night in October                                                                                                                                      The Place: Downtown, Oklahoma City                                                                                   The Event: 'The Annual Oklahoma City 'Ghouls Gone Wild Parade' From 2007-2010 Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips help gather together close to 1,000 people to participate in this very spectacular Halloween event. Their role was to dress as skeletons and carry a tiki torch, with real fire, and this sub-event was known as 'The March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons'. I purpose that at the 2013 'Ghouls Gone Wild', Wayne Coyne will once again organize the freaks that are Flaming Lips fans and join the parade. A good time will be had by all!!! If you too would like for this to happen please add your signature below! This petition will be presented to Wayne Coyne in electronic(and possibly printed) form on August,17,20013! And Please Share!


Project Manhigh

Links this is the official video from the 2010 march.




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