Petition to Keep Lance Armstrong Banned From Competitive Sports

Are you disgusted by Lance Armstrong's sudden admission of guilt to using performance-enhancing drugs only AFTER being banned for life by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency? Are you even more disgusted by the idea of possibly seeing Lance competing in competitive sports in the future? If so, then join our petition to keep Lance banned from all competitive sports.

Lance lied to EVERYONE who looked up to him and admired him not once, not twice, not a dozen time, but literally hundreds of times...and he he would continue the years of bold-faced lies today...if he could. But, he can't. And that's the only reason he's bared his soul on Oprah in a pathetic attempt to repair his reputation  Sign this petition to let Lance know...WE DON"T BUY IT AND WE DON"T WANT TO SEE YOU COMPETE EVER AGAIN! Go away! Run around your multi-million dollar mansion in Hawaii a million times if you want to prove something to yourself. But stay out of the make us sick.


  • Anonymous He defrauded the entire sport and made a mockery of everything he endorsed.

  • Eric Geving Thanks!!

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    Eric Geving

    10 months ago Comments: Thanks!!
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    Matt Forrester, Australia

    2 years ago Comments: As a long-time & massive fan of both cycling & Greg Lemond, I despise what LA has done to both of my childhood passions...LA is an EVIL SOCIOPATH...
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    Lee E Dochtermann, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Lance Armstrong needs to spend a few years in jail!!
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