Keep Joanne Kimball-Sherman at Roosevelt Elementary School

For 18 years Mrs. Kimball-Sherman has called Roosevelt Elementary school her home away from home. She has been a constant source of support and encouragement through some very difficult changes and challenges within our Rosie community. She has been a teacher, a mentor, a tutor, a leader, an advocate and a source of inspiration to so many past and present students, teachers and professionals within our Roosevelt community. We are so very fortunate to have her as a constant during a period of revolving door leadership.

During her time at Roosevelt she has served a number of roles including: Special Ed Teacher, 1st grade teacher, head teacher under past Principal Kerry Clery, Stand in Principal in the absence of past principal Helen Overlan, lead 1st grade teacher and mentor to countless teachers who have come and gone at the Roosevelt.

Mrs. Kimball-Sherman has also served on numerous boards and committees including: Co PTO President (5 years), PTO VP (2 years), Coordinator of the Box Tops and Campbell Soup Labels, Coordinator of school Ice Cream Social, Gifted and Talented Coordinator; Participated in Math Circles, Playground committee, Auction helper raising lots of money through Bedtime Stories with Mrs. K-S, Sign Language Class, and First Grade Teacher party; created and organized Technology Fundraising Dine-outs to raise money to help teachers make technology purchases. Clearly her devotion to the children is second to none.

Mrs. K-S has also been nominated twice for Melrose Teaching in Excellence Award and was also nominated for Barnes and Noble Teacher of the Year award.

So why is Mrs Kimball- Sherman being taken away from a school that desperately needs experienced dedicated teachers? With our leadership in flux again this year, don't we, as a community, deserve to have a highly accomplished teacher remain with us at the Roosevelt? Don't OUR children deserve to have the best of the best? With so many students biding for a spot in one of her classes, why aren't we allowed to keep her at our school?

If you believe Joanne Kimball-Sherman has a proven record for excellence and you believe the Roosevelt community deserves to have excellent teachers, please join me in signing this petition in an effort to keep her at our school. Forward the link on to parents of past students, teachers, parents of students that are hopeful to have her in the coming years. Have your spouses/ partners sign it as well. The more support we can show the better chance we will have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider supporting this effort.


  • Jessica Sullivan Please stop making so many drastic changes to our school. Young children need a STABLE environment to feel safe, grow and learn in. The students and parents all adore Mrs. Kimball-Sherman.

  • Jennifer Gentile In particular, the K-2 grades have been leveled in recent years at the Roosevelt and Joanne has been the mainstay, the voice of reason, the experienced leader and completely beloved by her students. She's the teacher you remember your whole life and come back to hug when you are 17. Apparently Roosevelt doesn't want us to have those teachers anymore, and shame because she is so devoted to this community. Shame on our administration! What next?

  • Damaris Cami-Staples My son Nathan Staples is in first grade this year and he has been immensely blessed to have Mrs. KImball-Sherman as his teacher. This has been a critical year for Nathan in his development, sense of self-assurance, and academic progress both in reading and in math. Mrs. Kimball Sherman has played a huge role in this and I am so thankful to her. We need teachers like her and we need those teachers to remain in the setting where they are helping and brinring transformaiton for the better. Mrs. KImball Sherman is the kind of persona dn teacher who puts others first. She gives of herself tirelessly and after everythign she has done at the Roosevelt School she deserves to finish her carrer at this school. The Rooselvelt school needs stability and in order to do so, we need o=to keep the people who have brought that stability for many years and who will continue to do so.

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