Keep Creepypastas alive!

Dear American government and all those concerned, this petition is in response to the American media wanting to have all things Creepypasta related (stories, readings on youtube, artwork, fan characters, etc.) deleted and removed from the internet because a young girl was stabbed by two of her friends who thought that a popular creepypasta character, Slenderman, had told them to do it, even though that is entirely impossible save for mental insanity. Thousands, possibly millions, of people enjoy creepypastas for one reason or another, and I for one don't wish to see them destroyed because of two girls stupid and idiotic decision. Those of you who agree with me, please support this petition and help out!


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    2 days ago Comments: People who have weak minds shouldn
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    Destiny Emery

    5 months ago Comments: Dear government, how stupid and dumb are you?! Creepy Pastas aren't satanic they're fun made up stories for the world to enjoy. if you take this down I'll never respect you ever again for the rest of my life till the day I die which is nearly 60 or 70 years from now.
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