Keep Abusive Maylasian Mom From Getting Baby Back

I first saw this video on Face Book and then all over the Internet and was deeply sadden and appalled.  If you google "Malaysian mom beats baby" you can see it for yourself and like me you will not believe what your eyes are seeing.  I did feel a lot better once I found out that the mother had been arrested and was sentenced to 18 months.  So what is the problem?  The problem is, is they are considering giving the mom custody of the baby again. Now I get the whole "judge not lest you be judge"  thing but, I am not judging her I am merely speaking on behalf of another human being who is unable to speak on their own behalf.  I'm not even going to speak towards or about the mom won't waste any time there. I am asking on behalf of this poor helpless baby that 1,000,000. people speak up immediately to let the powers that be know that they need to think long and hard before even considering giving this baby back to the mom and that we are watching closely and will hold them morally at fault if this baby is returned and subsequently harmed.  Lets go people and show this little girl that there is a million people fighting for her safety.


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    Mischelle, United States

    2 years ago Comments: This woman needs to serve more time for the horrific abuse she did to that baby girl. Also, she should never be aloud to regain custody of that baby, I think we all agree she's been through enough!!!!
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    Linda Walker, United States

    2 years ago Comments: The abuse that I witnessed on that video was extreme and cruel. That was absolutely an insane mother, and no baby should ever have to be exposed to that. That disturbed me terribly. I felt helpless watching that video. I am pleased that she has been arrested and is serving 18 months. Now what I request is that baby to never return to that mother. That mother is in great need of mental health, and I don't think that she is going to receive good enough treatment. For what she did just on that video alone, she should never have that baby back again. I would fear for that child's safety. Please hear our pleas. Very sincerely, Linda D. Walker
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    Stephanie Bryant, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Please help!!!

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