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    Maya, Japan

    1 year ago Comments: They are great lessons you are bsseeld to have such an inspiring role model I have been debating the idea of interviewing someone for my (yes another) new blog I am taking from this post that I should just ask, regardless of whether I can offer a huge readership or not. Thanks for the lesson John and Mr Saddington Snr http://vwcereppnjx.com uwxawbm shewowl
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    Lisa, Germany

    1 year ago Comments: Trying to be that dad that my kids can respect and learn from is my life goal (as is every dad's, I think). Life lsenoss like these are only handed down through constant perseverance in life's little continual struggles. Looking at it like you do makes me feel very dependent on something greater than who I am. Now I have to go because my 6 year old is begging to play Transformers with me on the wii at 6:50 AM. One of the hard parts of being a stay at home dad i guess. http://kbzodpaa.com leazhmph shuhhcjhh
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    Hary, United States

    1 year ago Comments: This couldn't have come at a betetr time. I've been rather frustrated today with getting things arranged and setup correctly on my site. It got to a point where I started thinking why am I doing this? Why? This silly little site of mine will never amount to anything, why am I bothering? So I just logged out and had pretty much given up for the day when I saw the link to this post on Facebook.Thank you! I just needed the reminder that the only time I truly fail is when I give up
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