If K2 Blocks Bot Users, Then I QUIT!

I hereby quit Global Mu Online because K2 is blocking accounts that should not be blocked. K2 has officially ruined any enjoyment I have ever gotten out of this game. K2 should and will give me my money back that I spent on P2P time... Here is my name and in game name to verify that I believe K2 has wronged me for the last time.


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    Zane D'Souza, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I'm not even p2p and I got blocked. K2 has been screwing up ever since they took over from Webzen. Think about it, rich p2p players completely ruined the economy for f2p players. P2p gets events consistently, making it convenient for p2p players while f2p has to sit around and wait for 3 hours for a CC. No events on f2p either. The main thing is that p2p has brought about too many lvl 300-400s too fast. They completely screwed up mu as it used to and was meant to be. As for this petition, many more people started using bots after k2 came. Almost everyone in mu uses bots these days. K2 has been on a downhill road from the start. They're doomed, and will never be as good as Webzen was.
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    Jdkschezar, Peru

    8 years ago Comments: Webzen sell the game to ignorants who never play the game and only want money
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    Gino, United States

    8 years ago Comments: lol keep crying. I never got banned. and yes k2 ruined the game,but people never listen,keep playing till something like this happens. No offense but I'm laughing in the face of the 700 players that got banned
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