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Dear Terri,

I was outraged when I learnt that you have been smeared by your professor and suspended from school just for asking that students speak English during group projects in class! It's politically correct nonsense like this that offends mainstream Americans. I am sorry for what has happened to you. That's why I am relieved that ProEnglish is standing with you as you fight in court for your rights to be upheld. I want you to know you are in my prayers, and I support your fight for justice.




  • Tian Re Problem is the new view on speaking English is for them to know it but gain advantage over those who dont speak or understand spanish and take over as majority rule with Spanish. No respect and using it as a tool. See it every day.And large companies simply play into the division but call it"diversity and inclusion." Quite frankly, I've never seen or heard of a Spanish-as-a-second-language course; growing up ESL was offered to HELP others learn English not lourde it over newcomers. Look at the history of Navajo...

  • Jennifer Reese Are u serious???? That teacher and school have some nerve!!!!! I really hope you win this one.

  • Pamela S. Kelly My mother's father's parents came here from Sweden. My father's father's mother came here from Ireland and married a man of German descent. Like everyone else they came to America and their children were forced to learn English in schools; in turn their children taught them English. My great grandfather came here from Romania already knowing six languages, English became his seventh.

    There was a time when coming to America meant learning English; it's time that became the rule again, and this time, let us make it official. Being bilingual, trilingual, or more is a great gift, one that ALL people should strive to attain no matter where they were born. But everyone must learn English here in order that we all might function well together. Most of the world can speak English in addition to their own language. So I don't believe it's impossible for those coming here to learn it as well.

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