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In  December 2007/January 2008 as a result of a rigged/stollen elections  in Kenya more than 1350 people died and more 350,000 displaced due to violence that followed the anouncement of the   disputed election resuilts.
During the violence murders,rapes,arson and forced evictions of people from their homes took place... perpetuated by politically connected gangs and also violent police reactions with shoot to kill orders took place.
To date most of the displaced are still living in very inhuman conditions in internal refugee camps all over kenya..and also to date no one has been charged in any court of law for these crimes.
The international criminal court was mandated by the international community to investigate and find those who bore the greatest responsibility for the violence and mass displacement of people.
The ICC recently found six powerfull individuals in the kenyan political elite whom it has summoned to the hague on april 7th 2011 to determine if they can be prosecuted.
Now the Kenyan government using huge amounts of tax payer funds  is lobbying the UN/AU to stop these trials taking place claiming that it would lead to destabalizing kenya further...and yet over 61% of kenyans see this as forces of impunity fighting back and do not want further delay for justice for the victims and therefore are opposed to this effort to deffer the cases.
We wish to petition the UN to let justice for these post election violence victims to take place without any further delay and any attempts by the Kenyan government to ask for a delay is not genuine and the vast majority of Kenyan people do not support this action.
Kenyans want justice to take place as soon as possible..







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