Justice for Lily

On June 14th, 62 year old Thomas Foley of Worcester was walking his dog, when Lily the cat (who recently gave birth to a litter), came at his dog and he was scratched in the process. On June 19th, Mr. Foley walked his dog back down Dupuis Ave and allegedly beat 7lbs Lily of the Tuttle household to death in front of a group of children. Mr. Foley has made claims that he was acting in self defense... against a 7lbs cat The horrific actions of that afternoon are only the beginning. Because Mr. Foley is the son of Worcester Police Officer, charges against him were not filed until there was a sign of community uproar. Mr. Foley has since hired the same defense team Anthony Scola used to evade his murder charge and they have asked that felony charges be filed against the cat owner, since Lily struck first. Please help us make sure Thomas Foley gets what he deserves - the max! Under chapter 272, the maximum penalty for animal cruelty is 5 years. Don't you think beating a cat to death in front of children is as bad as it gets


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    Armand Vargas, United States

    5 years ago
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    lois, United States

    5 years ago
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    Gillian Kenyon, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Disgusting! Hope he is prosecuted to the max by law. that is not enough. An individual with this type mind-set should certainly never be able to work a position such as security. Poor defenseless Lily. Hope he has night-mares also.
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