8. Does the #JusticeForBionic campaign ask that the public boycott ARTPOP?

It’s a personal choice. Do what you feel is right for yourselves after reviewing the evidence. Most fans just want new listeners exposed to Bionic and could care less about promoting an ARTPOP boycott, but then there are some fans who are rightfully angry with Lady Gaga and want take take away some of her bottom line. But none of us are delusional enough to believe that ARTPOP is going to flop in the first week or that Bionic will hit #1 on the charts.   While we hope for a major resurgence, any rise in sales will be viewed as a victory, although it will be a little disappointing if, say, only 50 copies are sold   Obviously we have our fingers crossed for way better results, but we realize it may take major media exposure to achieve that.

9. What if I’m not able to purchase Bionic right on 11.11.13 due to lack of funds or being away from my computer?

Just buy it as soon as you can.

10.  Didn’t Perez Hilton start #JusticeForBionic?

No. The campaign was started on afterld.com.  Perez saw one of the campaign banners and tweeted it to his followers, giving some of the public and media the impression that he came up with the concept.  As a result, many of Lady Gaga’s supporters are falsely claiming that all of Christina’s fans are supporting Perez (who was also involved in sabotaging Christina), to put our fan base in a negative light.  Truth is, many Christina fans have long suspected that Lady Gaga co-conspired against Christina long before Perez said anything about it.

11. What else can I do to help?

Post about the campaign on Facebook, YouTube comments, everywhere. Help us to trend #JusticeForBionic on 11.11.13.  Educate the public by posting the link to this page:


12. Anything else?

Don’t let Lady Gaga’s supporters sway you. They are going to attack from all angles to try to make you feel guilty and Lady Gaga seem like the wronged party. To the public, they will attempt to portray every single Christina fan as delusional, believing that we can “block” ARTPOP, when nobody even thinks that. It’s also very likely they will bring up the L.A. Times interview with Christina. Stay strong.