Justice For Angella

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputies Ryan Reza and Deputy Joshua Eley fatally shot Angella "Gorda" Falconi (24) on Jan. 8, 2013 in Lake Worth after a 911 call fromher husband Josef Orta (23).

According to police reports, Josef told the 911 operater that Angella had a knife and was threatening both himself and the couples 3 year old son. According to Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, when Deputies Renza and Eley arrived at the home, they stated that as Angella and Josef exited the home together,Angella had Josef by the shirt with one hand and a knife in the other. He continued to say that, according to deputies, Angella ignored their orders to drop the knifeand instead turned to her husband in an "apparent attempt" to stab him. That’s when the two deputies fired.

What they fail to tell you is that approximately 13 shots in allwere fired at Angella with 6 shots striking heraccording to Angella's Mother. Yet,oddly enough,not one shot hit Josef that she "had by the shirt". Records obtained by The Post show that Reza, who joined the Sheriff’s office in 2008, also fatally shot 23-year-old Jesus Barreto in Lake Worth in 2011. That case, similar to Angella's, started as a domestic disturbance. In both cases, the suspects fatally shot were wielding knives. According to Deputies, Barreto came out of an apartment armed with a knife and refused Deputies ordersto drop it, promptingone officerto fire his stun gun and Reza to fire his service revolver, according to the report.

Why is it that one Deputy saw fit to use his tazer and the other, his gun on someone with a knife? Police officers are trained to use equal force or enough to diffuse the situation. He had good enough aim to shoot her 6 times without hitting her husband. If he felt his gun was necessary, then why not shootto disarm,such as inthe leg, hand or shoulder? Why shoot to kill? It was unnecessary and unexcusable to use such force. Sheriff Rick Bradshaw had Angella convictedin the media before the Internal Affairs Department or the State Attorneys offices even had the opportunity to do a full investigation soley based on the word of the Deputies that shot her?

Anyone and everyone who knew and loved Angella would like a FULL investigation of the events and the officers involved. If not for Angella, for her 3 year old son who is now without a mother. Angella leaves behind many that loved and cared for her and are suffering deeply. All we ask for is the whole truth.

Please sign the petition to show your supportof a full investigation into thisunfortunate situation.





  • Daniel Ghiotti I 100% agree with the fact that if the sheriff thought she could hurt her husband (which she did not do from the time he called 911 till then) he could have shot her in the leg or even shot into the air to dissuade her. What he did shows he is not qualified to be a cop and that he deserves to be put into jail because of this killing,

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