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It has been brought to my attention that a child was put on the All Star team by the Village of Wellington because his father complained that he was not happy with his coach. This child was not selected by his coach to be in the 5 picks to represent his team. Our team had many children that should have been selected to go to the try-outs however it was stated in the village rules that only 5 can be selected and the TOP 12 will make the All Star team. 6 children were on the ballot from one team 1 of which the village put on the ballot  that child was not picked by his coach. This is unfair to the 52 children in this league. We need the people that run this league to follow the rules that THEY have put into place. I am writing this to ask the village to reconsider there decision and take this child off the team and replace him with a child that was picked by the 4 coaches to be on the All Star team.

Here are the facts from that child's head coach


5 e-mails sent regarding the All-Star Forms needing to be completed and handed back to Head Coach
Player / parent never completed form
Head Coach did NOT sign form
Head Coach did not include player on the 5 nominations
Player did not show up for tryouts
Player & Parent has been telling players & parents, player is on All-Star Team, before final decision was even made by Park District.
Players parent has told Park District & other parents Player & BOTH Parents have had "issues" with Head Coach...Head Coach unaware of the "issues".

This is unfair and needs to be reversed before the team starts practacing!


I know some of you have signed already and have left comments thank you but, I would like to make something very clear. I don't think that the mangers were clear enough regarding the process. It states in the rules that it was NOT manditory to come to the try-out. It was considered a work out to give the managers a chance to take another look at your child.



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    David Amazzo, United States

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    Esko Proffitt, United States

    5 years ago Comments: At this point, why not let all 19 players on the team?
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    Betty Miller, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Another ridiculous decision by the Village of Wellington; rather than correct a bad call, the Village has now added 3 more players to the roster. The team now has 15 players, which means 6 players must sit every inning. It is sad that there were 21 players on the All-Star Nomination List, two of those players dropped out, so there were a total of 19 available players and 15 of them made the team. I know of one player that deserves (skills) to be on the team and STILL isn't on the team. It is my understanding there is another player who is a top ranked player that also hasn't made the team. This is a true disservice to the kids, parents and the Village. The easy way to have reconciled this matter would have been to drop the one player and add one and only one player. Now the Head Coach of the All-Star Team must juggle 15 players...we all sure wouldn't want to be in his shoes.
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