Juni and Juli - Time to Make a Comeback!

There’s Shadaloo, and when there’s Shadaloo, there’s M.Bison. Where there’s M.Bison, there’s Cammy White in the mess of Shadaloo. And when there’s Cammy White, somewhere along the shadows and the ruins of what’s left of Shadaloo, there are two characters that have been laying there along with the ruins. Now, some of you may be wondering, “Hey, but I know that they aren’t the other three of the Four Kings, because there would be one missing!” Others may be wondering, “Well who the hell are those other two…?” And for those that might have the slightest of a clue as to who I’m talking about, that would be two characters that, needless to say, are very important to Shadaloo’s storyline for a whole list of reasons, that I could possibly write to you right at this very moment, but I could be wasting my time, BUT will still write it down the deeper we get with this petition. Yes, you are right, for those that may have the clue, it’s those two out of the twelve, and yes it’s Juni and Juli. Now what is my purpose most, maybe all of you may be thinking. Well, this petition is for one purpose, to see them shine again like they should be right at this very moment. But unfortunately…Haterz wanna hate. At any rate, now would be the perfect time to see them shine with games such as the up and possibly/definite Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and according to a friend of mine, a SSFIV arcade in JP WITH more characters to possibly add in the slots. Now, Juni and Juli, who are they you ask? Well first and foremost they are part of Shadaloo in the SFA3 storyline, if you have played it that is. And if you haven’t, then go buy the game to help those wonderful people of Capcom to make more games (Street Fighter, Dark Void, Remakes of old games, etc.) ANYWAYS, Juni and Juli play an important part of the SFA storyline, and that is to serve Bison as their bodyguards. “Well that’s it? Wow that’s boring…” you might say, but you only say that if you are an idiot that doesn’t look closely to importance in story (Like some dolt hating on a lot of important characters on GamesRadar). In the game, they act as bodyguards, but there is much more to that, as it is revealed that the two have separate purposes, one being canonical and the other non-canonical. But, in point, their primary objective is the assassination of Cammy White, which in fact leads to their sort of “revelation” but also to the advancement of Cammy White (Oh I’m not brainwashed anymore, time to take names, kick ass, i.e. the good stuff) and her role in the future of the SF universe. They are, in terms, one of the most important factors of Cammy’s leave of Shadaloo (SFII, etc.). “So is that it?” you ask? Nope, I’m not done here; I have more coming towards you. As you may or may not know, the two have a MoveSet (MoveSet- Attack, Defense, etc. moves in any Fighting genre game) that is mostly similar to Cammy’s MoveSet. Keyword mostly, nonetheless, because they also have certain moves that only the two or one of them can use (Exmp- Mach Slide, Psycho Charges , Sniping Arrow, Falling Arc) Hey, well guess what!? Chicken butt! No I’m kidding, but that’s a good start with helping with making their way back onto the game. With a better MoveSet added, that would make a good start for them making it back onto their rightful place in the SF universe. From what I’ve seen in forums, chat rooms, etc. thanks to the World Wide Web (I loves you Triple W. <3), some people were generous enough to give me ideas for a MoveSet, one from a great friend for example that said that Juli should take on some Krav Maga, which is pretty interesting. And another that said maybe learn some Sumo from Honda (If you consider him in the SFA arc that he had), which was also pretty cool! Hey, that’s not it my fellow web surfer peoples! There are also rivalries! YES, the rivalries, the fights that makes up the peak of that character’s story, the “clash of the titans!” So, the question is who would be their rivals? Well, for starters and I will SO love doing this, an excellent rival for Juni would be Juri herself. Now, before saying “Hey kid, are you kidding? That’s like, textbook suicide going up against a character of an overpowered caliber!” , you have to think about it . Shadaloo’s beta doll going up against S.I.N.’s crazy loopy headed chick, now which would be really something! Hey, Juni could get some kickass payback for getting used as a shield, which I hated about the anime I will be uber honest with you. Besides that rivalry, another one would be against Honda, which in fact would be very cool because of the fact that he probably had taught her sumo (like in his ending), and it would be nice seeing the “apprentice against the master “ type of thing. Now for Juli, which is pretty interesting since she doesn’t seem to be with Juni (Based on Cammy’s Ending for SSFIV, OH NOES!) Her rival would most likely be in the middle of Cammy White and T.Hawk. Now why, is what you may be asking? Why Cammy after rescuing her from Shadaloo’s firm grip on them? That’s the answer right there in front of us. Maybe after fighting Cammy once (Maybe…) in SFA3, she would want to thank her by having the honor of fighting Cammy White once more, and they would make do with (Another Clash of the Titans!) With Hawk, maybe it’s something with their relationship (Yes, I somewhat do expect their relationship to be somewhat of a joke, who knows.) So, I would write more, but that’s all I can write…so, sign if you agree with me. Sign if you agree that Juni and Juli should come out from the ashes and return as the characters they COULD be right now!


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    5 years ago Comments: i agree with all the points stated. I am for this petition,and for including those characters. Please listen to our opinions.
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    5 years ago Comments: They are very well-made characters of the SF saga. Please bring them back for the next SF game.
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