Josh back to FM-View

This Petition is for people who think that Josh should be let back to FM-View as he believes he can prove himself once again and feels a second chance is required. So back the form if you want too. What I did was wrong and if I can get enough signatures I might be able to convince the staff to let me back. Thanks.


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    eastwood, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: Gers - I was merely defending myself against some nob who couldn't even spell 'fuck' properly. I hope you feel better after that cathartic outburst of yours, if you have a problem with me or my posts which you wrongly percieve as 'ego-boosting', then you could've PMed me, y'know. Back to the matter at hand, I always thought Josh was a decent member, and he always contributes well, however his attempts at hacking other people's accounts showed an astonishing level of immaturity, and for that he won't be allowed back on.
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    David Thompson, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: Let him back he is a great member of MC He deserves another chance
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    Gers, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: Aye 'cos your wits are unbelievable Eastwood. So unbelievable you get a kick out of posting nearly every bit of news you find on fmv because you know the thick cunts like AFC will put their tongue straight up your arse and you'l get the reply that you need of "\o/" before going to find another story to post to stretch your ego that little bit further.
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