The Job Centre - A National Disgrace!

How many times have you been told "we'll phone you back" how many cock ups have the job centre made at your expence fed up of surly security guards fed up of being made to feel like dirt on the floor by staff fed up of not actually being helped find a job Me to, sign away. I have to much time on my hands and plan to take the job centre down!!!


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    c coleman, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: wish there was a complaints department if there was they wouldnt treat people like they do!
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    Ollie Milton, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: Whilst the job centre in my local town could be worse, it is still terrible. I can use a computer better than the staff, and I don't look down on absolutely anybody wherever I am. There's a pompous bloke I assume has just started working in there quite recently, who basically called me a worthless benefit cheat for not going to a meeting about Princes Trust work, which I had no idea about and had started 10 minutes prior to when I signed on. I explained to him that had I known anything about this whatsoever, I probably would have gone as it is in my best interests to seek employment and sign off as soon as I can, but a meeting that had already started? No chance. Now I have been unemployed for a little over 3 years now, that's bad, I know. I have lived in a homeless shelter in recent years (where I would pay £18pw rent if unemployed, and £120pw if employed. Most recently was my 2nd spell living there as the first time, I lost my home because I got a full time job). More importantly, and back to the point, I have always truthfully supplied all information as to what I have done to look for work, (and they never give me enough paper to fill it) My problem? Because of huge gaps in employment and lack of experience in certain roles, this has proved a hard task. Employers want experience. The job centre have always said they can put me on a course, or onto a work trial, but never have done. Now, after such a long time of barely being able eat consistently between payments and struggling with no help to make ends meet, I have finally secured myself a months work trial. The job centre did absolutely nothing here and it's all done by myself and my new employer. I just hope that after this, I never ever have to go in there to talk to them again. In the last few years, they have made me go 6 months on £30 per week (I successfully appealed and was compensated), they have stopped my benefit for a matter of hours and this has made the council now believe I owe them hundreds of pounds in rent arrears, thus threatening me with a court appearance. After all this, I now feel I can redeem some self-confidence, and feel like a human being, rather than a national insurance number. I now have the prospect of full time employment, and to be honest I am buzzing about it. I apologize that I have just went on one here, but I have only met one or two job centre staff (over 3 job centres) that have treated me like a human being. I hope this is all behind me and I can have a happy life after all. Whoever thinks people are 'better off' on benefits and are happy to lounge on it, better put down there Daily Mail and take a look at the bigger picture, because the treatment of many innocent people like myself who are actually trying to find work and want to work in unjustified and it makes me sick to my stomach. Do I think it will change? Probably not, and most definitely not with the David Cameron as the prime minister, a man who was schooled at Eton, and inhertied something like £17m from his father, and is a Conservative. Justice for all!
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    sarah, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: I have had very varied experiences with the job centre. Any of them in Liverpool are terrible. It is assumed that you are a benefit cheat as you cross the threshold. You are dealt with poorly, and frankly, they don't give two ****'s. However, southport job centre so far I have been treated as a human. Only just signed on, but hopefully this will continue.
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