A petition for the exclusion of Jodie Marsh from the UK

Jodie Marsh is violating press freedom laws. She has threatned to sue youngsters impersonating her on the profile site myspace.com, and has openly critised people on internet forums for critising her. She is a bad role model to young children. She was once a spokeswoman for an anti-bullying charity called \"Beat Bullying\", but was dismissed after making abusive comments to fellow celebrities and to people on internet forums. This situation has been bought up in parliament. By signing this, your signature will count to making sure her and her family will be excluded from the UK, and that this woman gets her just desserts, as she is cheapening the issue of bullying and using to play the victim role.


We the undersigned.


www.jodiemarsh.tv/blog ---- (Free registration) - Here you can read her abusive blog.


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    All about jordan, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: If i was guna have nose surgery i certainly wdnt pick that thing she has hangin of her face!
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    Thrillho, Ireland

    7 years ago
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    Limey Hammond, Ireland

    7 years ago Comments: She is a lying, cheating, ugly, talentless deluded fame-ho with a voice that could pierce eardrums within a 10 mile radiuuuuus . Nobody cares what you do Jodie, so **** off outta here.
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