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Airdrie Jobcentre is steadily getting worse with it\'s level of service. The Gesappo like security guards are initimidating and staff at the front desk are rude and patronising, forcing you to air your private concerns infront of an often large queue. Joe public isn\'t even allowed to use their phones to contact offices in Coatbridge, despite many people not having access to a phone or money to spare using a payphone / home phone. Worse still, most money related queries HAVE to be dealt with by customers by phoning Coatbridge because managers pressurise staff to do this. I have my own specific story but these are just the general reasons as to why it has to change. Please sign this petition...




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    Kayleigh, Poland

    7 years ago Comments: So many people seen to have had similar experiences with the jobcentre - they are crap!
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    John Boyle, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: I agree with all of the above. I have had my own experiences with the Airdrie job centre. The staff are ignorant and obtuse and seem to forget that this is a public service paid for from our taxes to help us when we need it most. Instead they seem to think it's all about treating unemployed people with total contempt and ignorance. I could better staff out of the window at either Coatbridge or Airdrie MacDonalds.
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    jim, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: you go in security says can i help you staff-they send you away on wild goosechases to social- social - they send you back there again security same guy can i help you em i wiz just in 5 mins ago
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