JFF Tekkoshocon \'08 Performance!

The Japanese Fxxker Family is back, and we have an amazing performance even better than last years waiting in store for you at Tekkoshocon 2008! Unfortunetly, Tekko changed their Masquerade Performance rules. The time limit is down to TWO MINUTES! We need at least four to put out an awesome song for your enjoyment! We have costumes and set list planned. Our fifth member is even trying to go this year. We need YOUR help to get us noticed! We are a traveling cosplay cover band. We drive all the way out to Pitsburgh from Colorado to play for you. We need to show this Animé Convention that Japanese Music plays an important role in their culture too! Help us and sign - and we\'ll make sure you hear Jrock throughout the entire convention. http://www.myspace.com/japanesefxxkerfamily




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    Thromulator!, United States

    7 years ago Comments: YOU SUCK!!!!!!!
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    Danislav Kotowski, United States

    7 years ago Comments: After having read your impassioned plea (whine) on your myspace, read the description of your artistic ensemble's mission statement (pretentious, Over used, over dramatic BS), and listened to the music of your group (I've heard better plinking from a moron screwing up on expert on Guitar Hero), I really have to say that you guys probably don't even deserve the 2 minutes already being afforded you. Learn to play your instruments, write some original music, and get yourself a style that doesn't scream "Last years Hot Topic fire sale." Maybe, just Maybe, at that point you'll be worthy of some real time in the spotlight. Until then, lip synching (badly), air drumming (worse), and faking your guitars (Come on, do you even know what your fingers are supposed to look like when you play a chord) will get old fast, people will tire of you, and you'll be left behind.
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    Kathryn Sensei, Japan

    7 years ago Comments: "We need to show this Animé Convention that Japanese Music plays an important role in their culture too! " I think you're overlooking the big picture. Instead of driving waaaaaay out to Pitsburgh to get "noticed" and spread culture, perhaps you should look into applying for grants to further your cause, or see if university and high school Asian Studies programs would host some awesome performance workshops with Q&A after. Look into it! With grant money you'd be in prime position to create your own performance platform/venue instead of being at the mercy of rules created by folks with the prime agenda of keeping things even, fair, and running smoothly.
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