Jennifer Bransford petition to stay as G.H.\'s Carly Corinthos

Lets all ban together and keep Jannifer on G.H. as Carly, We need to show Brian Frons and Jill Farren Phelps that we don\'t want to see Jennifer go and show them how much fans Jennifer has, We have until Sept 13th then it gets sent to Jill and Brian so get all your freinds to sign, Lets show Jennifer Jill and Brian what we are made of show them we won\'t take this lieing down Jennifer is and always will be Carly in our eyes Total signatures: 217 as of Sept 6th at 10:51 pm keep them coming people there have only been 5 new signatures since yesterday keep them coming people hurry hurry.


Hi I\' a huge Jennifer/Carly fan I\'m really upset they are letting Jennifer go I think it\'s a big mistake Jennifer is doing an amazing job as Carly she has made the character her own.



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    Vanesa Trump, United States

    9 years ago Country: US
    Comments: Bring Jennifer back to GH She was the best Carly i>ts never too late
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    CIARA GRIFFIN, United States

    9 years ago State: GA
    Country: US
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    Edith Williams, United States

    9 years ago Country: US
    Comments: I want you lot to know how disgusted I am with your questionable decision to have Jeffifer Bransford exit GH. She is Carly, and has done an exceptional portrayal of Carly. On the other hand, the entity known as LW is acceptable for the part. As far as I'm concerned-you have killed Carly. LW wouldn't even pass an audition for our local theatre group-she has no clue what she is doing. As for this business about the viewers liking "melodrama" what I'd like to see is an earthquake scenewhere the ground opens up and LW is never seen again. I again want to express my distain for you and your poor decisions. I want to see Jennifer Bransford as Carly!!! SBTBJB/Carly3-The Carlyteers. GROW/GetRidOfWright.Jenny Forever**Laura Never. Replacing Jenny with Laura is like replacing real gold with pyrite. Jenny is the real Carly-Laura is a mess/shoddy merchandise. I can't stand to watch General Hospital anymore-you have ruined it!!!
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