Investigate the Jacksonville Electric Authority.

Countless people throughout Jacksonville have seen our electric bills double and triple without explaination as to the cause. Many people have stated that we have not changed our electrical habits over the past months that would justify these high bills. There is virtually no accountability to JEA. The people that come out to check to see if there is a problem with your meter or other aspects of high energy problems are JEA employees. Obviously, these people know that our bills pay their paychecks. This petition calls for the City of Jacksonville, Florida to call in an independent agency to look over practices and equipment related to JEA and us the consumer. We need to have the records reviewed to determine how effectively the meters are being read and if they are working properly. We also need to know if outside or inside wireless or digital signals can distort the readings on the digital meters. There is at least one other state that noticed a problem with faulty digital meters and the State Attorney did bring charges against the company. We are simply told to pay what they tell us to pay. No one at JEA that you can call and speak with can tell you anything about the higher than normal electric bills. We need an independent agency to investigate our claims because we are currently victims and slaves of our electric company. We are forced to pay them or live in the dark because they are our only electric company. There is no one else that we can contract to get power from. This means that they can charge us what they feel is appropriate without being accountable to anyone. It's time to make sure that we are being treated properly and fairly by our electric company. Please sign and show your support that this must be investigated.


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    Don roscoe, United States

    1 year ago Comments: -
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    James Shaw, United States

    6 years ago Comments: As usual we, here in the United States, gripe plenty but when it comes to real action we never become unified for a good cause. Have any of you heard of corporate greed, corruption The Jacksonville Electric Authority is only the latest corrupt entity to jump on the cash cow railroad. So until more than the 100+ people who have visited this petition and countless more decide to act, we will continue to be gouged by those in their ivory towers. Sink or swim people. Talk is cheap.
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    D Bloch, United States

    6 years ago Comments: the bills are rediculious nobody home during the day bill is $291 for a 2 bedroom townhouse.
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