\"J.O.N.A.S\" and \"Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream\" on \"Family Channel\" in Canada

This petition is not to get the Jonas Brothers personally to speak on a talk show. Rather, this petition is for the \"Family Channel\" in Canada to air \"J.O.N.A.S\" and \"Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream\". The \"Family Channel\" is the channel that all of us Canadians tune into for our Disney shows, since in Canada there is no \"Disney Channel\". As most of you know, the Jonas Brothers\' television shows are not planned to be aired on the \"Family Channel\". This is exceedingly unfair, since many, if not all Jonas fans are being completely deprived of their favorite band. As well, on the \"Family Channel\", television programs like, \"Hannah Montana\" and \"The Suite Life\" and a couple more television programs are aired twice in a day, making the schedule perfectly available to air \"J.O.N.A.S\" and \"Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream\". Furthermore, many people find television shows like \"The Proud Family\", \"Recess\" or \"Smart Guy\" boring since they are always reruns. It has recently been confirmed that they are hoping to air \"Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream\" sometime in the future, but they have not confirmed when because it has not finished filming. This is completely unfair because \"Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream\" is supposed to air in the US within 2 weeks or so. As well, \"J.O.N.A.S\" is almost, if not done filming. This creates \"Family Channel\" the perfect opportunity to air it the same time that it is aired on \"Disney Channel\". Please help the Canadians view their favorite artists in the world! It will be greatly appreciated!


I am the individual sponsoring this petition:-).


As one can see, the \"Family Channel\" has no air times or previews for \"J.O.N.A.S\" or \"Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream\": http://www.family.ca One can see the previews for the Jonas television programs on youtube for \"Disney Channel\": http://youtube.com/watchv=kuR1qU6DuLI http://youtube.com/watchv=YKgbOFudzrQ&feature=related The Jonas Brothers website is: http://www.jonasbrothers.com


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