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Resignation of Moorpark CC GM Jay Lee

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Chairman Kwak, Jun Kwak and Jong Kim,

This is a signed petition by the following Moorpark Country Club members pertaining to current Moorpark Country Club General Manager Jay Lee to be removed from his position.

His incompetence has cost Moorpark Country Club dozens of members and hundreds of thousands of their potential dollars to be spent at the club. If this trend is allowed to continue any longer more members will be departing.  His hostile and heavy-handed managerial style toward members has gone on for years and we are requesting he be relived of his duties of GM immediately.

He has threatened suspending good standing members without cause.  The reasons range from simply sending letters to ownership or for not agreeing to have a meeting with him when and where he demands it and even threatening to suspend a member if they attempted to attend a meeting.

His lack of communication with the membership is well documented. Most members do not even know what his face looks like and if they do they can count on one hand the number of times he has communicated with them. The members want to spend their money at a golf course where they are appreciated. Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.





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