City of Jacksonville Dumping of Deceased Animals

We, the Undersigned, formally petition the City of Jacksonville, Florida to immediately end the long-standing practice of disposing of unwanted / euthanized and otherwise deceased animals from it


Phillip R. Slocum II


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    Martha, United States

    2 years ago State: Idaho
    Country: Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The
    Comments: Almost 50 million are unnesuird. The exact thing predicted by insurance people on this format and elsewhere, a couple of years ago, is happening: The Health Reform Act as written by our congress and senate, is making MORE people unnesuird. It will continue to drive the cost of insurance up, and encourage employers to discontinue health insurance coverage for their employers (by making it cheaper to pay the fine, than buy the required coverage). Source: CNN, quoting the CDC. ievhlh sudqsfakoix
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    Yossef, United States

    2 years ago State: Delaware
    Country: Norfolk Island
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    Philippe, Brazil

    2 years ago State: California
    Country: Saint Helena
    Comments: yada yada yada, brag on, it will get you nothing, no one is ctnetsoing his as usual business efforts, I will even go as far as to say I commend him on his efforts and on his insight to jump on an idea based on the lack of popularity of the at the time Saints compared to today's team but to take single handed credit for something that was already a popular phrase and chant is stupid and not true. if it wasn't something being chanted already he would have never got the idea in the first place and wait hold on that's right, all this is all null and void anyway since he lost sight of his dream and let the TM go back to public domain, damn you got to hate when that happens LOL
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