James Newton, Anti-Briton.

James Newton used to be a pretty decent guy until one day, during a high school science lesson when he sold his friend out to sit with another pupil who happened to be a female peer. he did not tell this friend he just got up and left him in the lurch sat on his own lonely and scared. he has also commited other offences towards the Dumbledore Actors Comitee (DAC) destroying merchandise, he also has been seen being anti-brtionist by holding lit matches to england flags and spitting on them. Now people of the UK all we are asking of you is your signature so we can get him exiled from the country!!!


www.myspace.com/me_and_your_mom_together www.myspace.com/ghentee


copy and paste this into your adress bar to see official petition poster. http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/6012/untitled32zb.png


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    Mahatma Ghandi, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: Get him out!
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    office of james newton, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: quite frankly you are all over zelous prick teases, get your rat out and force it down my throat with gent i was snookered by the brown (coulnt do im in the arse) so i went for the more tricky red random gal ting) there you have been told dont get rude i WILL flem in your face
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    Roxxi riot, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: fuck you you fukin fuk face , get him out the country
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