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This is a petition to stop Jade Goody appearing on our screens. We are feeding the fame hungry beast, by tuning into everyshow she is on. She has been paraded around every tv studio and appeared on the cover of every newspaper. Now it is time for her to bog off. If she is truly sorry then it only takes a handful of interviews to show this. She is motivated by greed, money and a desire to be famous. If we can all ignore her maybe the media will get the idea. I don\'t hate Jade but her and other reality celebs are robbing the country of true greatness.



Below are examples of journalists who agree with my sentiments. They are not in anyway endorssing my view I am simply using them as examples. Below are clips showing Jade may not mean what she is saying


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    a, United Kingdom

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    Iain Johnston, United Kingdom

    8 years ago
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    Jacquie Clayton, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: I totally agree with your petition, it is now time to get rid of these so called celebs that offer nothing to the youth of today. This country need some positive role models for our kids. Let's not forget Goody's rise to so called celeb status, appearing on a reality show, stripping naked, performing a sexual act on a fellow contestant, bullying and repulsive language and she was celebrated for this !!! What a reflection of our society. No wonder there are so many young people queuing up for the next auditions. The more diabolical the behaviour the better chance of stardom. The media are responsible for giving the Jade Goody's of Britain a gateway to fame. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!
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