Keep Jack Scalia on All My Children

One of the greatest coups in daytime television is the casting of Jack Scalia as Chris Stamp on ALL MY CHILDREN. He’s magnificent as the highly mysterious secret agent, Chris Stamp. Jack Scalia is a superb actor with an extraordinary range who has a long, distinguished career in theatrical films, mini-series and films made for television. Since he blew into town like a tornado in June 2001, Chris Stamp has disturbed the equilibrium of Pine Valley, shaken up the lives of many major characters, stolen Erica’s heart and generally raised the energy level of Pine Valley about 1000%. Relentless, kinetic and energized, he focused like a laser beam on catching Proteus. Jack Scalia has fabulous chemistry and interacts beautifully with everyone on ALL MY CHILDREN. Jack Scalia is always sublimely in the moment and so utterly real that the line between illusion and reality fades away and you are effortlessly transported to his world. As Chris Stamp and Erica Kane, Jack Scalia and Susan Lucci are extraordinary together, beautifully matched, hugely talented, tender, passionate, volatile. The fans want to see these two together for many years to come, in love, committed to one another, and able to overcome any obstacles thrown in their paths. We want to see them marry and have a family together. The writers of ALL MY CHILDREN have created one of the most complex, multi-faceted and multi-layered characters in television. Chris Stamp is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a riddle. Chris Stamp’s legions of fans love the character because he always surprises and delights us. We never know where he’s going to take us next, but we’re totally hooked and along for a quintuple E ride! We have found the recent rumors about Chris\' place on All My Children disturbing and we pray that they are not true but if they are we want to make it known that we see losing the character of Chris as a grievous mistake. We eagerly look forward to watching our favorite secret agent, Chris Stamp, on ALL MY CHILDREN for many years to come. We petition the writers and executives of ALL MY CHILDREN to realize what a gold mine and treasure they have in the actor Jack Scalia and in the character of Chris Stamp.


This petition sponosored by The Stamp Collective a fan group dedicated to Jack Scalia and the character of Chris Stamp.


Jack Scalia\'s Official Website The Stamp Collective


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    rosemary burr, United States

    7 years ago State: OH
    Country: US
    Comments: i totally love Jack Scalia everyone at my work can testify to that. i use to have his picture of a watch commercial he did awhile back and kissed it before i went to bed!!!
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    MILLARD TOLBERT, United States

    7 years ago State: MO
    Country: US
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    stephen stanley, United States

    7 years ago State: TX
    Country: US
    Comments: I am a personal friend of Jack's and have not heard from him in years. Not only do I think that he was a asset to All My Children, if they would of realized it, that Jack is stil a heart throb for many. When I mention that he was a very close and personal friend of mine, and he saved my life, by caring enough to help me get into a rehalb program in Minneapolis St marys hospital. People still remember him when I mention his name. Jack is on of the most amazing friends I will ever know. If you see this Jack, I hope everything is going well, and your two most precious girls, are also doing fine. I am living in Dallas Texas and would to say hi someday. By the way my golf game is a lot better then when you use to kick my but. My address is Stephen Stanley 17715 Misty Grove Dr. Dallas Tx. 75287 My cell number is 469-363-8789 and my Wife Temi's is 214-762-8301. See ya later my friend. love ya stephen
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