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I am writing this in English since most people in the internet use english as their main language. It has come to attention that my people at Nihon are going through a hard time due to stereotypical slanders of my men. I have seen many americans and others from various countries, making fun of me, my friends, and families back home due to an act that some of my brethren have acted in. I am talking of: Anime. I as a born and grown nihongo male, have seen anime but once in my life. When I was a young boy who came off the plain on Florida, I was 9 by the way, was always made fun of for being nihongo and sounding like a mexican who just crossed the border. Later on in my life I came to grow to the subject that later became as people say stereotypes. As I want to middle school and along when I finished high school, I was always remarked by the girls as pervert. And the guys, even the nerds as ramon noodle penis. They told me " you're how you are because of the shit you watch, fucking yellow crayon ass asian." I was saddened all the time by this, then I came across what has been making me, my friend Kenny, and Shin, so bad,: anime. As i watched one episode of this, i noticed how japanese are always drawing guys like and you call "emo" and girls were soo whorey I'd feel I'd catch and STD from one. I know why I look so bad now, because nihongos like Tetsuya and other people made things like this stereotyping my brethren for life here. I want to end this madness going on. I am Ryojoshi Mitomoniki and I want to end this with this petition, thank you for reading guys.


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    5 years ago Comments: I am truly sorry for your loss.
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    Sandy Cheeks, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Yeah thats right I got brown fur you step on my wrong side and ill hit you like a dur climby up my leg lookin like an egg hand on my thigh and licky licky my cream pie take it away Master Chief
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