Don't Bring Jesari and YoungTubersUnited back!

All this text below, basically explains what is going on. If you already know, skip to the bottom. In March 2006 a You Tube account was fraudulently obtained by a 11 year old boy. This account was obtained by entering false information in the date of birth which indicated the registrant was 21 years old when in fact he was 11 years old. This was in direct violation of YOU TUBES terms of use. On Christmas Eve, The 11 Year old boy who loved YouTube so much, He made his own shirt, Launched the biggest youth collaboration video on YouTube. It was featured on the front page, and on YouTube's own channel! YoungTubersUnited was born. YoungTubersUnited, was basically, a whole bunch of kids making videos that were cheesy on YouTube. Some were even featured. In June, Jesari and YoungTubersUnited were suspended. The boy made a mistake and emailed You Tube and told them he was 12 years old. You Tube investigated and found the account age was 21 and The User age said 13 and the user was actually 12. The boy's Dad claimed Both Jesari AND YoungTubersUnited were created, run, and monitored by The boy's father. Everyone knows that was not true. The father did supervise his son but he did not and could not monitor every key stroke. Since then the boy, his Dad and a few friends have harassed YOU TUBE. They are trying to say they did nothing wrong and have attempted to spin this whole thing around on YOU TUBE. When in fact they were caught in several lies. The lied about the registration age saying Jesse was 21 years old. Knowing full well that YOU TUBE did not permit kids under 13. The boy compounded the lie by stating he was 13 on the Channel when in fact he was 11. This shows knowledge and intent. What else was there to prove They have whined, cried and complained to anyone who would listen. They continue to take no responsibility for their actions. WE ARE ALL REQUESTING, That YOU TUBE CONTINUE TO SUSPEND USERS WHO Fraudlently register accounts and violate terms of use this includes Jesari and YoungTubersUnited and all the other young tubers and You Tubers Please sign this with BOTH your real name, and user name in the other field. Your username is NOT required. Please YouTube, Don't Give the accounts back! Keep Up The Good Work and The Great Service. WE LOVE YU TUBE!!!


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