Pledge to Support Israel

I pledge to support Israel and to encourage my friends and family to support Israel. I pledge to, when I can, buy and support those products that originate in Israel, so as to counter the harmful boycotts and divestment campaigns against Israeli goods. I also pledge to support those musicians who have performed in Israel despite constant urgings from Anti-Israel activists to boycott. I also pledge to not buy the products of or in any way support those who are boycotting Israel, so as to make them understand that harming the State of Israel will come with a cost.



  • Dr. Rich Swier I have been to Israel. I have seen people of all ethnicities and religious beliefs working peacefully together. As Michael Munger notes, "Poverty is what happens when groups of people fail to cooperate, or are prevented from finding ways to cooperate. Cooperation is in our genes; the ability to be social is a big part of what makes us human. It takes actions by powerful actors such as states, or cruel accidents such as deep historical or ethnic animosities, to prevent people from cooperating. Everywhere you look, if people are prosperous it’s because they are cooperating, working together. If people are desperately poor, it’s because they are denied some of the means of cooperating," In Israel people are cooperating.

  • jan currier I Stand With Israel.

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