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We support Brigham Young University. We support its divine purpose, its administrators, its faculty, and its students. This petition is a powerful declaration of support for the current BYU administration and board of trustees, including their decision to invite the vice president of the United States to speak at Spring commencement ceremonies. (When you sign, a screen will pop up asking for a donation to iPetitions.com. DO NOT give a donation. Your signature has already been recorded.)


BYU College Republicans http://www.isupportbyu.com


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    vamdyron, Japan

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    William Schmidt, United States

    8 years ago
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    Kurt Lamprecht, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I am very disappointed with the decision to allow Dick Cheney speak at BYU. The church, which I am a member, has a long line of informal support of the Repulican party. Nearly all of the members in Utah and Idaho, which I have lived, are Republican. The church leaders encourage us to vote, but remind us that the church does not support candidates or parties. The members do not follow this, but insist that the Republican party is "Gods" party. When I went to BYU-Idaho, many people wrote in the campus paper that you could not be a Mormon and be a Democrat. That hurt me because I grew up in a home with parents that were very strong in the church. They even went on a mission together and worked in the temple. But, yes, they were Democrats. Dick Cheney personifies the worst in America. This administration is riddled with scandal and most of it points directly to him. His approval rating is in single digits and he is a very contriversial right now. Just one thing that turned me off to him was time he told the press to F**k Off. That is certainly not the man that should be standing in front of BYU Graduates.
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