Major League Baseball 2k8 Issues

Lets face it, there are a lot of issue surrounding the Newest title by 2kSports: MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2k8 I am putting this petition together for all of us 2ksports fan, who are frustrated with 2ksports, with there newest title MLB 2k8. If you have experienced any of these issue please sign the petition: 1. Disc read Error 2. Online not playable, very laggy. 3. Frame rate slowdown when playing an off line or franchise game. 4. A pitch count meter 5. Game freezes every now and then. 6. Batters Eye not working when correctly guessing pitch location nothing show up til after pitch is thrown. 7. When in franchise and viewing your minor league rosters (this only happens with minor leagues) if you press \"A\" and bring up the menu and then select \"Trade Player\", it puts that player on the wrong team in the trade menu. 8. The occasional commentary bugs. 9. Make right/left handed matchups more/less effective 10. CPU still makes lots of highlight reel, diving catches. Don\'t think any of the sliders can change that. 11. Customized tracks randomly get cleared out after meticulously matching songs to certain players! 12. not being able to promote/demote players from MLB 13. The 4 second freeze when you hit the button before every at bat. 14. Can\'t turn off the catcher suggestions 15. Whenever you go to your \"rotation\" screen, it resets your next day\'s pitcher to your ace starter. This will be a huge problem for your minor league pitchers if you sim them. Your ace will throw every game in A, AA, AAA after you go to that screen. I usually go to that screen alot. 16. The wrap-up after the game is like watching a scratched DVD 17. Computer pitchers try to pick off runners before a batter steps in. When you hit the button to move to the next batter, it jumps to the pick-off attempt immediately and awkwardly (I have all player and inning highlights turned off). thanks 2ksports fanboy.



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    Mike, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I love the game... but there are a few issues.
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    Dustin Barrons, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I cannot believe that a company could place such a game upon the shelves without first realizing what a piece of shit it is! Why is it, for example, when you purchase tires for your car, and those tires are defective, the manufacturer is required to do something about it. Not only something, no, but rather CONTACT THE BUYER, give them newer, better tires, and replace those tires at no cost to the buyer. When a video game producer puts out a defective game, they say, "well, our limited warranty will give you a new disc within 90 days...". Well, fucking thanks. Because you could send me 50 new discs. Unfortunately, that's not gonna solve the problem, because the problem is not with the disc, but with the content on the disc. "Well, guess you and your hard-earned $60 you spent are shit out of luck :-)" Something needs to change... now!
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    Mike Barton, United States

    7 years ago Comments: the 4 sec freeze at bat is what drives me nuts! why can't they just cut that off before the freeze 2K7 doesn't have that problem!
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