Open and Transparent Government Meetings for Salt Spring

WHEREAS: 1. There are numerous times where our schedules make it either impractical or impossible for us to attend Local Trust Committee meetings. 2. We are interested in what goes on at the meetings, and, we believe good governance should be completely transparent to constituents, when it comes to conducting the public’s business. 3. In this day and age of live video broadcasting and online video streaming, many local governments across Canada are allowing constituents full and unrestricted access to public meetings. 4. We believe Salt Spring has a proud tradition of people being unafraid to voice their opinions in public, and, we do not believe anyone will be hindered by having their submissions recorded for all to hear. 5. We believe the rebroadcast of recorded meetings will help to provide a better understanding of the many issues and debates we face as a community. 6. Under Section 6 (1) of the Island Trust Act, “For each local trust area, 2 trustees are to be elected to represent the electors of the area.” THEREFORE: We, the undersigned residents and/or electors of Salt Spring Island, hereby petition Trustee George Ehring and Trustee Christine Torgrimson, as our duly elected representatives, to bring forward and pass a resolution of the Local Trust Committee to amend Bylaw 391 (A Bylaw to establish Procedures for Meetings of the Local Trust Committee.) to specifically allow the audio and video recording of all Local Trust Committee meetings by members of the public.


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    joey blowy, Canada

    4 years ago Comments: who gives a shit? honestly.
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    Ross McLeod, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: As a 31 year resident of Salt Spring and 60 years a British Columbian I'm sad to say that I've witnessed what I have with the Trust. Preserve and Protect has been the mantra all these years but what has become abundantly clear is that this phrase is exclusive to a few. For the rest of us it is "discourage and deter"!! What we don't have and are not likely to have any time soon is a balanced society. One does not have to look very far to see that there has never been an economic development plan which allowed for an inventory of Commercial, industrial and affordable residential zoned property. There is none! A subsidized housing project does not replace affordable starter real estate that young working families can afford while working in our community. Build your business?? The message is clear, the Trust does not want business. As a matter of interest is the BC legislature not broadcast on TV? YES I AM VERY MUCH UP FOR A REVIEW OF THE TRUST AND HOW IT OPERATES!
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    Lorna Walde, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: -
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