Recognizing these economic, historic and scientific values conservation minded citizens and organization since 1957 have worked to create interest in conserving a part of the town

Links ARTICLE 38 AND ARTICLE 61 Letter To The Editor: Marsh is there for EVERYONE TO ENJOY


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    Nancy Roussy, Canada

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    Junggon, United Arab Emirates

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    Comments: Yes, its true! Even me as publisher of a well-know Caribbean treavl guide usually think about the islands, not about the coastal areas.I will use this article to be inspired to expand my Caribbean treavl guide in the future.
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    Anurag, United States

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    Comments: It is that age old question of how to leave an area alone and prvoide enjoyment of it at the same time. Those of us who are drawn to the dwindling wild places are passionate about seeing no changes to what we enjoy. How many times have you made plans to re-visit a favored spot only to learn that it is closed due to some effort to restore or rest it? It can be especially disappointing when you have traveled long distances and made preparations months and sometimes years in advance. I think we have a natural tendency to want things to stay the same and only grudgingly accept when they do not. When those changes are the direct result of man's influence I feel that it is appropriate to manage and guide access to minimize, reduce and correct before the damage is irreparable.
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