Seat Belts for Our Children\'s School Buses

Parents of California, We have a serious issue at hand here. Our children are not buckled in when they ride a school bus in the state of California. If you are sending your child off to school or on a field trip for the day,on a school bus, you are gambling with thier lives. The governor and the state of California think it costs to much money to retro fit all the buses with seat belts. Hello, it there any amount of money on this planet not worth spending a child\'s life!! We the people need to demand what we want from our goverment! I can think of nothing more pressing or urgent to address than the safety of your child. No one wants to receive the horrible news that their child is injured, or dead. Make a difference now, before your heart is broken, and your world destroyed. Sign my petition so we as parents can protect our children. Arnold Schwarzenegger


This petition was generated by parents who love thier children. No one is sponsoring us.


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    Ingrid Pomeroy, United States

    7 years ago State: CA
    Comments: Thank you for your petition. I am appalled that our children are not protected with seatbelts on school buses. I feel passionately about this issue. We have to make sure our children are safe in our vehicles. The State of California should be protecting them as well.
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    jamie hunt, United States

    8 years ago Comments: i think if everybody in regular vehicles has 2 wear seatbelts then most definitly children should have 2 wear seatbelts on buses. PASS THIS LAW!!!!!!!!
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    Elizabeth Webster, United States

    8 years ago State: NC
    Country: US
    Comments: I think we need to show we care more about our youngsters than the cost and time it takes to install seatbelts on school buses!
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