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Please add your support to my petition to express your disappointment at the removal of the unlimited data allowance that coincides with the launch of the very "On Trend" Iphone 4 which launches 24th June 2010. This is a deliberate action by o2 whilst we are all caught up in the "MUST HAVE FRENZY" to increase their group revenues. It will be interesting to see if the uptake will be as good as inticipated or will another service provider offer unlimited data with the new Iphone 4 and o2 will lose out? I have 2 pay monthly contracts with o2 one of which is for my wife and my intention was to upgrade them both to the new Iphone, I don't mind paying the subsidised fee for the handset however I'm afraid that the data allowances will be insufficient. I also notice that we will also be charged for sending MMS at 20p for each one sent....Not good!! So please add your support if you agree and if you have any other views on this I would be delighted to hear them......Postive or Negative! *****o2 BRING BACK THE UNLIMITED DATA TARRIF, TARGET THE MINORITY THAT ABUSE THIS PRIVILEGE, DON'T PENALISE THE MAJORITY ***** ***SUPPORT THE PETITION***


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    E Woods, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: Hi. I had this happen to me too. I had unlimited data (Iphone 35) and when my 24 month contract expired i was contacted for an upgrade I was told that tarrif was nolonger avalible and was switched to another that had reduced min's and required a bolt on to get 500 mb allowance.... I also noticed, not that it was explained, that it now has a 20 mms allowance - so each mms is worth 4 of your tx allowance but you can still only send 20, any more and you get charged even when there is allowance left in your tx's...
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    Lucy, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I dont mind a cap that much but setting it at 750Mb and charging £5 for 500Mb extra is just a rip off.
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    Yenal Dundar, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: -
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