Call For An Investigation into National Security Leaks

September 11, 2001 was a tragedy that could have been prevented had effective intelligence gathering tools been in place to allow agencies to connect the dots to the terrorists. President Bush has worked tirelessly since September 11 to protect our country from further acts of terrorism. The wall has been removed from the intelligence community and intelligence gathering has increased our security. Recent articles in the print media, specifically the Washington Post and the New York Times, have exposed classified national security information to the world. A world that includes the terrorist that want to kill Americans. The source for the classified information has not been identitifed. The reporters have relied on the \"anonymous source\" ploy when broadcasting classified information. There is no excuse for exposing our country and the citizens to further danger from terrorist attacks. The leaking of information vital to national security has endangered each and every American - whether Republican or Democrat. It has to stop and the responsible parties must be held responsible for their assistance to enemies of our country. We call on an immediate and thorough investigation into the leaks of classified information to the media. Our country cannot afford to have national security compromised. National security is not a political tool and should be held in the highest regard.


Stop the Leaks Now! Robin Mullins Boyd


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