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Petition to Request a National Football League (NFL) Formal Investigation of Officiating in the New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts game of 11/04/07 To: NFL Commissioner Mr. Roger Goodell The following NFL fans request that you conduct a formal performance review and investigation of the officiating crew assigned to the New England Patriots- Indianapolis Colts game of 11/04/07. We are fans of the game who demand fairness in officiating. We would appreciate the league\'s openness and transparency during the investigatory process. As consumers of the NFL product, we write this request in an attempt to protect ourselves against consumer fraud. Thank you, Commissioner Goodell. Signed:


NFL fans demanding fairness


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    Kat, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I think you people are a bunch of sorry losers. I cannot believe that you actually think the Patriots deserve to win that game. As someone who was not actually pulling for either team - I thought it would be amazing to actually watch a football team complete a perfect season, but I also like the idea of a quarterback winning his first Superbowl - I thought the game was the best Superbowl I have in a really long time! WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING A COMPETITION IF, AFTER THE GAME THE LOSERS CRY AND WANT A "RE-COUNT." Face it, the Pats lost. The Giants are the Superbowl Champions. Get over it. You can try again next year.
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    OscarReed, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I believe the media is behind the crooked officiating of most ALL Colts games - particularly the ones against the Patriots. Peyton Manning has become sports media's "Britney Spears". There are bottomless pits of money to be made on him. Small mystery his face is plastered on approximately 50% of all NFL television broadcast commercials. Is your titanic, noble organization, Mr. Goodell, knuckling under to these moguls All it takes is one field official (usually the team captain) and an irresistible offer of money. Easy. 11/04/07 is only one game. What about the despicable 2006 AFC Championship game The obviously crokked (not poor) officiating successfully kept N.E. out of the Superbowl. To my eye, Manning remains "the-best-quarterback-who's-never-won-anything"... because he legitimately has not. And now we have added perspective of the 2008 Divisional Playoff game between the Chargers and the Colts. San Diego won despite blatant attempts to squash them by the officials. Given the recent and surprising success of the NY Giants, it's more than probable the media was doing whatever it could to pit brothers Eli & Peyton against each other in Superbowl XLII. What a cash cow THAT would be. We're not stupid, Rog. We're fans. And when you look at it, we represent way more money than Peyton Manning does. So... like... don't piss us off, okay
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    Lynda Chastain, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Please, please, please protect the integrity of our nation's greatest sport.
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