Investigate Big Oil

American families are literally paying the price for our dependence on places like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Russia every time they fill up at the pump. There is no reason they should be in this situation, when relief for high gas prices can be found in our own country. Oil companies are keeping oil supplies tight and prices high on purpose, and posting record profits while saying they can\'t use alternative fuels like ethanol to reduce costs. It\'s time to send the big oil companies a message


All America PAC believes that greater opportunity, freedom, hope, and security are the means of giving every American a better way of life. By dismissing the cynical politics of division and recognizing that we are one people, with a common heritage, moving towards a common destiny, we can take concrete steps to strengthen families by improving the quality of opportunity in the daily lives of people.


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    Ermilo Ducret, Jr., United States

    7 years ago State: IN
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    C Hanks, United States

    7 years ago State: OH
    Comments: Writing to my representatives and congress persons is not a normal activity for me but I believe I must make my concerns known to you. Our country is being held hostage by the oil producing nations and our economy in danger of collapsing if Washington does not wake up. While I believe we must find an alternative to fossil fuel there is nothing on the immediate horizon to avoid total disaster for the American people. Bio-fuel has proven to have an impact totally opposite of its intended purpose, both economically and environmentally, and must be halted immediately. We must use our own natural resources now to prevent an economic collapse and ultimately a social revolution. It is imperative that you aggressively support drilling in ANWR as well as other offshore and on shore sites. Coal to oil is now economically feasible and needs your support as well. I challenge you to go to any gas station in your district and ask your constituents as they fill up their car
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    Eric Ashley, United States

    7 years ago
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