Requesting the Inspector General For The Justice Department To Launch An Investigation Into How, When, and Why Citizens Are Tracked

The ACLU in a Freedom of Information Act Request asked the FBI to reveal its guidelines, internal memos pertaining to what techniques it uses when it tracks citizens and under what circumstances they track people. The Justice Department's response was 100 pages of completely redacted material. Citizens are coming forward to report they are being surveilled and subjected to unremitting harassment, often for years, by first responders and citizen vigilantes in a new COINTELPRO-like program. Because the Justice Department/the FBI will not reveal how, when, and why it can track citizens and reports of abuse as outlined above abound all over the country, we are requesting the Inspector General for the Justice Department to launch an investigation into what techniques are being used to track citizens, who is involved in the tracking of citizens, how long citizens are being tracked, when and why, and under what circumstances citizens are tracked by GPS and other types of techniques.



  • Kenneth Frank I, Kenneth Frank, of Jericho, NY am the MOST HISTORIC VICTIM OF LETHAL Organized COINTELPRO-Gang Stalking in U.S. History..I was a mortgage Processor who whistle-blew and then was stalked by the FBI and my life has been in ABJECT DANGER for 4.5 Years. I have Helicopters AIMED AT MY HEAD...some VERY low, some higher up, Ground Vehicles BLAST my body as they pass my desk and outside my bedroom 24x7...There is no one that has been a greater TARGET than ME..AND>>>I have 1000 VIDEOS showing the PATTERN of is about Patterns, not a single act...and I can prove this illegal operation in 2 seconds with the videos and testimony from some of the conspirators--as I have veh numbers and T&D stamps of attacks...Anyone with helpful comments, Attorneys who specialize and know about this would be helpful..Otherwise, should one of the members of the FBI's GANG that have come at me with ABJECT violence want to arrest me for something...I am ready to be the FACE of this heinous, potentially lethal practice and go before the Judiciary Committee, District Judge and Supreme Court to PROVE IT...Feel free to email me.

  • Candace Little I need help anyone willing to help me in San Antonio. My ex roommate started all of this by contacting ex boyfriends to help gangstalk me and has been tormenting me over 5 years I need to come up with funds to hire investigator. The police in my city are corrupt. I need a good strong agency willing to fight the corruption. My contact number is 210-215-8263 donations can be sent to Phillip Kline investigations in Texas ref my name Candace Little

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