Investigate the LAPD

It is very clear that Christopher Dorner was murdered today. In his manifesto he mentioned names, who had police protection around the clock, that was involved in corruption. Dorner filed a complaint of police brutality and the victim, who was cuffed by Dorner was kicked by Dorner's trainer. The victim was discredited for being schizophrenic and his father's testimony was just hear say. Which opened the door to get rid of the whistle blower and Dorner was then terminated. The investigation needs to done by the Federal Government to ensure nothing can be covered up and those responsible for the death of Dorner be brought to justice.

The police conversation is posted on youtube and you can hear them plan the arson as they knew Dorner was already wounded. The police also stated "The fire is burning well" further indicating that he was not to be taken alive. Please do not let his death be in vain.... Dorner died because of corruption.



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    Noe, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Fuck them traitors, they are a disgrace to the legal system.
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    Adilson, Austria

    2 years ago Comments: I hear you. Sitting around and genttig shot at doesn't seem like a good option to me. The police screwing up in the other incidents does not necessarily mean that they did so in this one. Dorner could have called a press conference and surrendered. Any media outlet would've eaten that up. I think most TTAGers would have made similar actions, under fire, if their co-workers were being shot to death. Self defense tip: don't murder, carjack, murder, shoot at police, and murder some more and your cabin won't be set on fire. Seems pretty simple to me. And if there was gross misconduct on the part of the police, and other reasonable options were not considered, I'll eat those words. I know that I'm not perfect, but I am going to use lethal force when police officers around me are genttig shot and killed if I can responsibly do so. I've waited out suspects when that is appropriate, and I've used physical force and weapons when they were appropriate. The police had some bad shootings prior to this, and I'm not defending those. Judge each incident intelligently and independently, folks. And if you think police are going to sit around while being shot and killed, being reasonable isn't your thing.
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    Ronilo, Italy

    2 years ago Comments: Joseph: If their job was to take down the guy, then they did, but not in the most efficient way pobissle, and taking him down wasn't actually their job. As for keyboard commandos, you might want to control that bit, thank you. For all the cheer-leading of these highly trained LEO's acting as brothers by various politicians and TV Team voyeurs, our money has been wasted and our laws violated. We have the technology to force a lone fugitive trapped in a single family dwelling to surrender (or toast himself without a fire). It just wasn't used. The beauty of an armored vehicle in the situation is that the delivery of gases can be made a safe non-incendiary procedure. Flooding the house with very intense pepper (or CS) can be done safely with an under the door or through the window house extended from the armored vehicle from behind cover with a standard extension arm. The 1 lb canisters and suitable hoses are available from several police supply companies, though a garden house and some duct tape will work, if you have the gas tanks: Intentionally setting a fire while at the same time filling the house with CS gas is very unlikely to get someone to the door. I have no doubt they realized that. The ATF could have advised them, since they were the obvious group with experience in the matter, and had agents in the area.
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