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At a time when it has become fashionable to criticize and attack our government, I feel that it is time for my voice to be heard. Celebrities and politicians have the media outlets to voice their opinions while regular Americans like myself rely upon grass roots efforts. I am in full and unwavering support of my elected President George W. Bush and have full confidence in those he has entrusted with positions within his Administration who are there to protect the American people and American interests at home and abroad. By representation of my signature below I acknowledge the following: 1) I am in full support of the Global War on Terror. 2) There is an undeniable link between Saddam Hussein\'s regime and the Global War on Terror. 3) Saddam Hussein\'s regime is in material breach of United Nation\'s Resolution 1441. 4) Saddam Hussein has no intention to disarm. His intention is to use weapons of mass destruction against the American people, our allies and interests. 5) I will fully support the decision to disarm Iraq by use of force with or without the backing of the United Nations. 6) I have full confidence in the men and women of the United States Military to disarm Iraq. 7) I will pray for and support all troops involved in an attack on Iraq. 8) I fully support the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and establish a government for the Iraqi people that is free from terror and dictatorship. 9) An attack on Iraq is not an attack on the Iraqi people, it is an attack to liberate the Iraqi people. 10) I thank British Prime Minister Tony Blair for his leadership and courage. America has no better friend than Prime Minister Blair. In short, I state that I stand In Support Of America! This petition will be sent to Congress, The White House, Prime Minister Tony Blair, MoveOn.org, Not In Our Name and Artists United to Win Without War.


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    Comments: I support America and my Commander In Chief. Isupport my fellow troops who serve our beloved country.
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