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It is well known at this point that the Instagram app for Android is not up to par with that of the iOS ecosystem. The app itself is designed to work on low and high end Android devices, scaling uploaded pictures down in quality, making them extremely blurry. Reddit thread here: This issue has been ongoing since the introduction of the Android Instagram app and through all the updates has not been resolved. It is argued that the developers build the Android app to be able to support low-end phones that do not have the new generation hardware of more expensive devices (Galaxy S4, Nexus 5). This approach is understandable due to the extensive use of low-end Android phones around the world, but there is a staggering number of Android users who have devices running dual and even quad core processors as well as up to 3GB of RAM. Owners of such devices should not be limited by the constraints of the low-end Android market; enter Instagram HD.

This petition is set in place to accrue signatures from as many Android users as possible to generate wider awareness of the issue as well as call the developers of the Android Instagram application to revamp the current app or develop an HD variant for high-end devices. It's always frustrating to have a device with internals and/or a camera that can run circles around an iOS device but have our image quality turned to junk upon uploading to Instagram.


  • Pistacchio I just discovered by uploading HDR pictures on instagram on my Samsung S3 Neo that, after being uploaded the quality is lower then during the editing in Instagram. That really makes me sad so I looked for many ways to fix it but nothing works properly. Please INSTAGRAM fix it!!! Please tell me if there is a way to fix it. (Unchecking "High Definition Pictures setting" didn't work both with 8MPX and 3.6MPX pictures)

  • mahek patel stop it. this stupid

  • Qamil The photo is very blurry after upload (Samsung Galaxy S3).

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    mahek patel

    1 week ago Comments: stop it. this stupid
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    3 weeks ago Comments: The photo is very blurry after upload (Samsung Galaxy S3).
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