INS Sponsor requirements cost taxpayers more money

INS requires a person to make 125% of the poverty level to sponsor a person from another country to be in the U.S.A. That\'s fine for some people but not everyone can meet that requirement. Just being Married is no longer enough. Some of these non-residents are willing and Physically able to work to help meet these requirements or at least keep their families off of PUBLIC AID, but INS won\'t give them permission to work. Let\'s face it some of them do work and their Families still receive PUBLIC AID, because there is no way for the Government to track their earnings. If we can require these people to work and support their families as a condition to stay in the U.S. Wouldn\'t that make it easier to tell who should be allowed to stay (Even if someone has a sponsor to begin with after 40 quarters of work they are the able to receive Public Aid themselves, The sponsor is no longer responsable)and who shouldn\'t. Let\'s give everybody a chance. Make it the requirement to get a job, pay taxes,& support your own families. We are hoping to present this petition for consideration to the United States Congress.


I am an American that would like to inform the American public of an injustice to our taxpayers, our people that are at or below poverty level, and Americas future,the children. We allow people to come here and visit, go to school, and even work. It is unfair to think that they will not fall in love with someone, rich or poor. It is even more unfair if they have children together to leave the children without a Mother or Father because of their income level. It is also unfair to the people of the U.S.A. to have to support these children.


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